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DBM Approved Funding for ₱2.4 Billion Spyder Surface-to-Air Missile System from Israel

DBM Approved Funding for ₱2.4 Billion Spyder Surface-to-Air Missile System from Israel
Surface-to-Air Missile system test fired in the US. Image: The Drive

Philippines confirms GBAD funding

The Philippine government’s Department of Budget and Management (DBM) has approved funding for the procurement of a ground-based air defence (GBAD) system for the Philippine Air Force (PAF), according to recently released budgetary documentation.

In a ‘Special Allotment Release Order’ (SARO), the DBM said the PAF’s GBAD project has been allocated PHP2.39 billion (USD48.4 million). It said the funds were approved and released under a SARO issued to the Department of National Defense (DND) in mid-June.

According to the DBM, the SARO provides approval for procurement agencies such as the DND to sign contracts with vendors.
Philipines' Spyder Surface-to-Air Missile System from Israel
The Philippines has approved funding of nearly USD50 million to procure a ground-based air defence system. The country is expected to seek to acquire the Spyder platform produced by Israeli firm Rafael. (Janes/Patrick Allen. Image: MDAA

In January this year Philippine Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana said the PAF intended to meet its GBAD requirement through the procurement from Israel of the Spyder self-propelled surface-to-air missile (SAM) system made by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems.

The procurement has been prioritised by the Philippines for several years to boost the PAF’s air defence capability, although the DND has not yet confirmed how many Spyder systems it wants to acquire.

The procurement is included under the second phase of the Revised Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) Modernization Program (RAFPMP). - Read more at JANES

Author: Jon Grevatt  of JANES 

Surface to-Air-Python and Derby (SPYDER)

Quick Facts

Variants                 : SPYDER-SR / SPYDER-MR
Role and Mobility         : Short/Medium Range Surface to Air Missile System; Road-Mobile
Interceptors and Range: Python 5 Missiles and Derby Missiles; 15+ km
Sensors                 : SPYDER-SR: -Elta EL/M 2106 ATAR 3D Surveillance Radar
                : SPYDER-MR: -IAI/Elta MF_STAR Surveillance Radar
                : Upper Tier CCUs up to 100 km away
Targets         : Aircraft, Helicopters, UAVs, Drones, and Precision-Guided Munitions
Status/Exports : Operational; India, Vietnam, and Singapore and soon in the Philippines
Designer/Producer : Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Israel


The Surface to Air Python and Derby, also known as SPYDER, is an Israeli indigenous short-range air defense system. It is capable of multi-target simultaneous engagement and single, multiple, and ripple firing. It is also capable of operating in both day and night and has all-weather capability.

The standard SPYDER unit consists of a mobile command and control unit (CCU), and four mobile firing units. The launchers and CCU are connected by a datalink, which combines information from the surveillance radar with upper tier CCUs within a 100 km range. The interceptors are launched from a slant, which allows the interceptors to lock on to targets both before launch and after launch.

The SPYDER systems can fire two types of missiles as interceptors, the Python 5 missile and the Derby missile, both of which were originally air-to-air missiles repurposed for the SPYDER.

There are two variants of the system, the SPYDER-SR and the SPYDER-MR:

SPYDER-SR: The original short-range system, and has a range of 15+ km. The system is capable of holding four interceptors.

SPYDER-MR: A medium-range variant with a range of 35+ km. Other changes from the SPYDER-SR are an increased magazine size to hold eight interceptors, and a new surveillance radar, the IAI/Elta MF-STAR.

Strategic Implications

The SPYDER air defense system is valuable for its quick reaction speed and its many capabilities. In full-readiness state, the system can launch its missiles in less than five seconds from target confirmation.[v]It can launch both of its interceptors, the short-range Python 5 and the medium range Derby, in fire-and-forget or fire-and-update modes. These make the SPYDER a valuable asset for short range air defense.


* July 6, 2020: the Philippines' Department of Budget and Management approved the funding for the purchase of Spyder Surface-to-air Missile system

* July 4, 2018:Singapore announced its SPYDER systems had achieved full operational capability.

* May 11, 2017:India conducted three rounds of test firing of its SPYDER systems.

* 2015:Vietnam purchased SPYDER systems from Israel.

* 2012:Peru purchased the SPYDER as part of a new air defense plan.

* 2008:India awarded Rafael a contract for 18 SPYDER systems.

* 2005:Three SPYDER-SR systems were displayed at the Paris Air Show 2005.

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