China Challenge USA EDCA deploys Surveillance ships and War Ships near Ayungin Shoal (Second Thomas Reef)

Video from China send Warships to the Philippine Territory to challenge Obama's EDCA with the Philippines

Report: China deploys 5 ships near Ayungin Shoal

China has reportedly deployed five ships near the Ayungin Shoal in the disputed West Philippine Sea.

A report by the Philippine Star said a Philippine Air Force plane which was delivering provisions to marine troops stationed at the BRP Sierra Madre saw five Chinese vessels – a survey ship, a frigate, and three surveillance vessels – near the Ayungin Shoal.


Tensions between China and the Philippines over the disputed territory have risen in recent months with both countries remaining firm in their claims of the area.

In March, Chinese coast guard ships attempted to block a Philippine vessel delivering supplies to a navy base in the Ayungin Shoal. – Solar News


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